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Book Thoughts: Wheel of Time #1: Eye of the World (Robert Jordan)

Jordan, Robert - Wheel of Time #01 The Eye of the World


Title: Eye of the World (Wheel of Time #1)
Author: Robert Jordan
Genre: Fantasy
First published: 1990
Edition: Mass Market Paperback, published by Orbit in 1992

It’s hard for me to be objective regarding this one. I have read the whole Wheel of Time series before, even marathon reading all 14 (!!) books a couple of years ago. When a buddy read on Goodreads came up, I felt it was a terribly good excuse to re-read it at a slower pace and I have really enjoyed it.

We start at the Two Rivers, where our three friends Rand Al’Thor, Perrin Aybara and Mat Cauthon have led a sheltered quiet life. Of course all of that changes as they are thrown into the middle of the approaching battle of good and evil.

The pace of this first book in the series is not the briskest, but most of the book moves along just quickly enough. The chapters where Rand and Mat are travelling between Whitebridge and Caemlyn are a bit on the slow side, but never irritatingly so. The pace picks up again at the end and the story surges forward towards a conclusion that sets up for an epic sequel.

A criticism is that every now and then it not quite clear what is happening or whether you missed something, as if something has happened outside the narrative, but it does not bother me that much.

There were many things I had forgotten, for instance what the Eye of the World was! It was definitely interesting to re-read knowing what happens in the end. And knowing that, I guess so much of this first book is about getting to know the characters, especially the three male leads. We will learn much more about the female characters in subsequent books.

This is not a book series for faint hearted, but if you are into grand fantasy series, I would thoroughly recommend to give it a go!

5 out of 7 stars


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