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Book Thoughts: Talking To The Dead (Helen Dunmore)



Title: Talking To The Dead
Author: Helen Dunmore
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
First published: 1996
Edition: Hardback, published by Little Brown and Company, 1997

I bought this book many years ago because of its beautiful cover and can I just say that without its dust jacket the book is still so so pretty!

I finally picked it up to read it and it has been an easy enough read and there were aspects I really enjoyed. I love the author’s prose and how natural the words seem to flow. Her descriptions of food especially make your mouth water!

All the characters are very human, with flaws and fears and desires. The story is told from Nina’s viewpoint and we follow her to the Sussex countryside where her sister Isabel has just had a baby. She is a few years younger than her sister. They are both haunted by events from their past. Nina’s actions are morally very questionable and she is a bit of a twit, but you cannot help but kind of like her. The romance in this book I did not feel at all. I mean… at all… No!

The end feels a little rushed to me as well and is that really the way people react to such a tragic event? I have no idea, but I bloody hope I wouldn’t!

The writing saves this book for sure. I will keep this book as it is a pretty little thing and I maybe I will re-read one day…

4 out of 7 stars



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