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Book Thoughts: Wishful Drinking (Carrie Fisher)

Fisher, Carrie - Wishful Drinking


Title: Wishful Drinking
Author: Carrie Fisher
Genre: Non-Fiction / Memoir / Autobiography
First published: 2008
Edition: Kindle

Carrie Fisher was one of those people that was never boring. Whenever she did an interview her wit and charm shone through. She was delightfully mad and gloriously eccentric and it’s a crying shame she is not around anymore…

Wishful drinking is a rather whimsical memoir, adapted from a stand-up show, and you can tell. You can almost hear her tell the story and it made me want to listen to this in audio-form. Maybe one day I will, because I am sure she tells it well.

Nothing about Carrie’s life was ordinary and she tells her stories of growing up with celebrity parents, her husbands and battling her addiction with self-depreciation and dry wit. You cannot help but fall in love with her as a person reading this book.

I just wish there was more to it. It just missed a certain je ne sais quoi. I just found myself thinking when it was finished ‘Oh, ok, was that it?’. Much as I enjoyed reading it, I just felt I needed a bit more. Nevertheless, if you like Carrie, this book is worth reading, just because her voice comes across so well in it.

4 out of 7 stars


2 thoughts on “Book Thoughts: Wishful Drinking (Carrie Fisher)

  1. I agree totally with your review of Wishful Drinking; I just wish there was more to read! Granted, as you said, it was adapted from a stage comedy show, so it wasn’t necessarily set up as a traditional memoir of sorts. Great review!

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