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August Wrap-Up

So, I have outdone myself this month. I read 12 (twelve!) books and a couple of e-comics in August, which is pretty ridiculous. Did I have nothing better to do? Surely I did! I feel like I did quite a lot this August. We have been on a family visit to England, we have had guests, we have had days out and days we did a lot of maintenance on the garden, etc, but still, twelve (!!!) books. Excuse me for being impressed with myself. Granted, a couple were tiny, and none were huge, but whatever…

I will link to my reviews throughout.

1708 WrapUp

So, I started the month by finishing The Eye of the World, by Robert Jordan on 1 August. I won’t count that one as I really only read about 20 or 30 pages to finish it.

Then I decided to read some books for my self-imposed reading challenge, starting with I, The Aboriginal, which I loved far more than I had expected. It’s a memoir of an Aboriginal man in the Northern Territory and his experiences growing up. It’s so interesting! I gave it 6/7 stars.

Next I read The Night Circus, which is an amazing book and I enjoyed it so so much. It felt like such an original story and I also give it 6/7 stars.

By the way, it takes a lot for book to get 7/7 stars. It would have to be so perfect!

Talking To The Dead was next. The cover of that book… Man, I love it. I stroke it and think ‘you’re so pretty!’. I am strange like that. The story left a little to be desired, but I still thought it was good. It left me a little dissatisfied, but not every book can be a 6 star book (this one was 4/7)! I will be keeping it anyway – I could not get rid of it – it looks too gorgeous on my shelves.

Then I read Waterloo Story… This one is kind of weird for me. It’s a dull book and yet somehow it managed to keep me interested. Very strange… 3/7 stars.

I turned by attention to some sci-fi, still for my reading challenge, and read Greg Bear’s The Forge of God. I did not love it, but I did not mind it. I am planning to read another of Bear’s books at some point soon. 3/7 stars

I was happy to pick up some fantasy after all of that and instead of continuing on with my challenge I decided to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone, which I really enjoyed and freshened me up. 5/7 stars.

Then, with the weather looking pretty unreliable, I chose The Burial at Thebes to read outside for my challenge. A tiny book at 56 pages only, it is a version of Sophocles’ Antigone, I enjoyed it so much. Much more than I had expected and I gave it 5/7 stars.

I went on to Can You Keep A Secret?, a romance novel, which I had originally planned to read outside for my challenge, but when the weather did not appear to want to cooperate I swapped it out for a much shorter book. Nevermind that the weather was pretty fine after all and I could have easily read this book outside… I still read it and it was a pretty fun sort of book. Light and fluffy and disposable, sometimes just the kind of book you need! 4/7 stars.

The Lantern Fox was the book I read in one day – I cheated a little, as it only has 87 pages and is a story aimed at primary school children. I was a bit disappointed with it, only because I love a lot of the author’s other books. 4/7 stars

In the meantime I had also been reading Graham Sharpe’s Magnificent Seven, which looks at jockey Frankie Dettori’s awesome feat of winning all seven races on the card at Ascot and the effect it had on the betting industry and the people who chose to back him that day. 4/7 stars.

Being so nicely on schedule I decided to pick up The Shadow of the Wind to re-read. I had planned that one for September, but figured it was time. Such an amazing book. Dark and dense and gorgeous. 6/7 stars.

Finally, I read Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher, an adaption from her stand-up show, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but was way too short. 4/7 stars.

I could not pick my favourite from the three 6-star books. I really loved them all. I guess the book I am most likely to read in again is The Night Circus, as The Shadow of the Wind was already a re-read.

I also read a couple of comics: Phoebe and her Unicorn in The Magic Storm (6/7 stars) and Water Memory (4/7 stars), both via NetGalley.

September Reading Plans

I have been reading Some Fantastic Place by Chris Difford for a week or so, which I am really enjoying and hoping to finish at the weekend. I am really enjoying my non-fiction as well at the moment. I have also started reading Dr Jekyll & Mr Seek (Anthony O’Neill). Both of those are on e-book.

1709 Plans

The first physical book I plan to pick up is The Bear and the Nightingale, by Katherine Arden, which I am really looking forward to reading.

I will be reading The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan as a buddy read on 17 September

Apart from that I have no fixed plans. I would like to read 1 or 2 books that have been on my shelves for ages. I kind of like not having masses of plans. I very much doubt I will read anywhere near 12 books this month. My guess is about 5 or 6.

What do you plan to read in September?




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