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Charity Shop Haul #3

I popped into this charity shop that I have not been to for ages. It’s quite a big one, so I was hoping they had a decent English book section. They did not. I was quite disappointed. I better go back to my usual one, I guess (as if I need more books!).

In the end I did come home with three books, two English, one Dutch.

170901 Charity Mixed

They are all historical fiction of some sort. So, what we have is:

The Italian Woman (Jean Plaidy)

This one is about Catherine de Medici and sounds like it would be my kind of book, since I love Philippa Gregory and all of that jazz.

Fortune’s Rocks (Anite Shreve)

Set in 1899 in New Hampshire, US, and is about a girl, who gets into an affair with some middle-aged doctor and ends up pregnant. Not sure what I will think of this one.

Inca: Prinses van de Zon (Antoine B Daniel)

English title: Incas: The Puma’s Shadow. The fact this is set in the Inca world made me want to read it. I’s about Inca politics and the Inca girl that falls in love with a Spanish conquistador as far as I can tell. We’ll see.

I have quite a few books now that need reading, so I better get cracking!

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