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‘Currently Reading’ Update #9

Three books, three formats. That’s the story of what I am reading right now.

Hearst, Dorothy - The Wolf Chronicles 1 Promise of the WolvesThe actual book book I am reading is Promise of the Wolves by Dorothy Hearst, which is the first book of a trilogy called The Wolf Chronicles. Actually, yes, it is actually about wolves, written from the perspective of a wolf. I tend to like animal perspective books and so far this feels like a good one!

Balding, Clare - My Animals and Other FamilyI am listening to the audio version of My Animals and Other Family, which is an autobiography by Clare Balding, who is a famous sport presenter in England and daughter and sister of famous race horse trainers. She is someone I much admire for her passion and knowledge of racing and sport in general. I am four chapters in and I love it! In this case, listening to the audio definitely adds a dimension. She does the narration herself. She has a great voice and tells her stories so well, doing credible Irish or American accents where required. I am enjoying this one so so much!

Tucker, Stacey - The Equal Night Trilogy 1 Ocean's FireFinally, I am reading Ocean’s Fire by Stacey Tucker on my Kindle app on my phone. I got it via NetGalley. It definitely has a fantasy element, but so far it mainly reads like contemporary fiction. I have to say, I am about 20% in and I am not really feeling it. The writing seems a little clunky, the characters are very 2D and the love interest seems forced, cheesy and a little meh. I hope it will get better as the main character discovers whatever powers she is supposed to have. Please, let it get better!

What are you reading?

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