Random Chatter


One of those days – well, yesterday was one of those days. My phone must have fallen out of my pocket and I must have managed to drive over it. Yes, honestly! What a dimwit, right???!!!! Apart from that, I appear to have forgotten appointments left, right and centre, so there is clearly a brain fart going on somewhere!

– and breathe –

Anyway, new phone should be on its way. Was cheaper to get a new two-year contract with a new Nexus 5X (same phone i already had) than it was to repair the screen, which was smashed to smithereens! Honestly!

Oh, and also, I had to get a new laptop last week, as my old one was misbehaving and then some. So my personal electronic devices seem to have a vendetta against me at the moment! Come to think of it, our dishwasher is also playing up. What did I do to offend the God of electronics?

Anyway, I will go and read for a bit now, to settle my mind and wait for my new phone to arrive. I have to read Promise of the Wolves, as I can neither listen to audible or read my kindle books, as that’s all on my phone.

To cheer me up, I will do a song of the day today. Let’s go for Lollipop (Ode to Jim) by Alvvays as they had their new album out on 8 September and I am going to see them on Sunday (yay!!!!).

Hope you’re all having a good day!

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