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September Wrap-Up

September has been a superb reading month for me in terms of quality. Of the ten (10!!) ‘novel length’ books I completed I rated the majority at either 5 or 6 out of 7 stars, and there was even a 7-star non-fiction book right at the end, which is quite exciting!

These are the books I completed this month in the order I read them in (roughly):

There was one book I did not complete that I just did not get on with, which was Ocean’s Fire (Stacey Tucker), which I got as an ARC e-book via NetGalley. I got to about 55%, so I feel I gave it a fair shot. Its premise seemed interesting enough, but it did not live up to my expectations.

Of the ten books I did complete I rated one (my first one since starting this blog) at 7 out of 7 stars and four at 6 out of 7 stars, which is pretty awesome! There were four 5-star reads as well, so wow, what a month!

My 7-star book is Our Native Bees, written by Paige Embry, a non-fiction book about… well… bees. I read it as a digital ARC and I loved it from ‘cover to cover’. It was written so perfectly for a layman like me, with passion and love for the subject. And then there are those beautiful photographs of all kinds of bees! I will be picking up a physical copy for sure when it is published in January. For a layman like me, it was written perfectly and I loved the subject matter. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

As for the 6 stars, I loved both Katherine Arden books and I will definitely pick up The Girl in the Tower in physical form in the future for re-reading. I also will pick up Some Fantastic Place by Chris Difford at some point, as I really enjoyed that one. The other 6-star book was The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan, which was a re-read and still excellent!

I only read three books in physical form this month vs six e-books and one audio book, whereas I only read one e-book last month. Quite a change! This is mostly due to me joining NetGalley, but I have read a few normal Kindle books as well. It was a good variety of non-fiction and fiction, so I am a happy bunny.

I also read two graphic novels on e-book:

I will definitely be picking the latter up in physical format. I would really to read some more graphic novels in physical form and I have some on my shelf to get to soon.

I read one poetry collection, Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell, also as an ARC e-book via NetGalley. NetGalley has really shaken up my reading material and I like it! It’s way to easy to read the same kind of thing all the time. I have since picked up some more poetry from my local charity shop, which I will be diving into soon

Looking at my September reading plans from my August wrap-up, I did exactly what I planned. I read The Bear and the Nightingale and The Great Hunt and picked up a book from my shelves that had been there a while (Promise of the Wolves).

I read too many e-books though… especially ARCs! That really is not helping my physical TBR pile at all. 😉

October Reading Plans:
Apart from the books that I am currently reading – The Cuckoo’s Calling (Robert Galbraith) and Martin Luther (Herman Selderhuis) – the first book I will be picking up in October is The Grace of Kings (Ken Liu) and I am contemplating reading The Jungle Book (Rudyard Kipling). Both of those for buddy reads on Goodreads.

I want to try to read a good amount of physical books this month, as I really feel I read too many e-books in September. I have no fixed plans as to which they might be. Might try and get to Dracula (Bram Stoker) at the end of the month… Whatever I feel like, I guess. I might try and read two or three ARC e-books, as I was way too enthusiastic when I started looking around on NetGalley (easily done). Luckily they are all actually books I want to read!

What did you read in September and what are your reading plans for October?

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