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Book Thoughts: Chasing Eveline (Leslie Hauser)

Hauser, Leslie - Chasing Eveline


Title: Chasing Eveline
Author: Leslie Hauser
Genre: YA Contemporary Fiction
First published: July 2017 by Pen Name Publishing
Edition: E-book courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Chasing Eveline is the story about Ivy, a teenage girl who still feels connected to her AWOL mother through the music of her mother’s favourite band, Chasing Eveline. This is what drew me into the story, as music is very important to me personally and I too have a favourite band, whose songs mean the world to me.

The present tense is not my favourite, but I do like the author’s writing style, simple and effective, and quite lyrical in places. Ivy is a very likable and well-explored narrator and though I found her a bit of a headcase at times and she was full of the worst ideas, I could relate to her quite easily.  The relationships between her and the other characters were very realistic.

Maybe the storyline was a bit too simple, but it did make me smile and even cry a little bit. I liked the ending too.

A quick enjoyable read!

5 out of 7 stars

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