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Fashionista I definitely am not: Cozy Knitwear Dresses

What? A post not about books? Yes, this is one of those rare creatures – don’t get used to it! I will be back to books next time, I promise!

I am struck down with the lurgy at the moment and feel like I want to curl up with a book and not do anything at all. Alas, I have a five-year-old, who is watching Casper at the moment, and I am about to begin dinner. Maybe tonight? Or is there anything good on Netflix I should watch?

Anyway, autumn has got me well and truly in its evil pumpkin grip and I feel the pull of woolly clothes! Now I normally live in jeans and jumpers throughout winter, but low and behold, I suddenly felt the need for a knitwear dress! Shock! Horror!

Mint & Berry knitted dressWell, I found this particular one I really loved by Mint & Berry that came in grey, black or wine red, with this lovely wintery knit pattern on it. I had set my heart on the wine red one, but of course my size was sold out. In fact, all colours were sold out in my size! Hmpffff!

So I looked on and found a couple more that I liked (though not as much as the first one) and ordered them. The fact that it is one of those website where you don’t have to pay until you have tried them on and can send them back for free if they don’t fit, makes it very easy! The black one is by Derhy and is a little expensive, but if it fits great and the quality is there, I don’t mind splashing out a bit… The grey jumper dress by Twintips just looks so cozy!

Of course a day later I got a message that the grey one of the original dress I liked was back in stock, so I ordered that one anyway, and then today I got a message to say the one I really wanted, the wine red one was back in stock, I ordered that one as well. Anyway, I have four dresses on the way. I have told myself I can keep two if they fit nicely and have to send the other two back…

Hopefully they will arrive in the next few days and I will be able to try them on!

Anyway, end of non-book post…

Please link to one of your non-book posts if you have done any!



6 thoughts on “Fashionista I definitely am not: Cozy Knitwear Dresses

  1. They all look super cute! If I was you I would find it very difficult to choose which two to keep and which to send back! πŸ™‚

  2. Well, they came and I am keeping the red and black dresses. Both are a bit shorter on me than in the pictures, but there you go. The black one is the most expensive one (though not outrageous!), but the fabric feels so good!

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