Tag Time – The Concert Tag

As seen on Abby Williamson’s Youtube channel , I thought I would do the Concert Tag today.

No books, but music! What? How? Why? Well, I went to a concert last week, so thought it would a be an appropriate time to do this. Plus I do love my music as well as books… and other things.

Be warned, the bands I mention show my age a bit! 😀

1. What was the first concert you attended?

That would be New Kids on the Block 1991 – I was 12! And yes, now you can work out my age…

2. What was your most recent concert?

I saw Sigur Ros just over a week ago in Amsterdam. They were good, stripped back to a three-piece producing an enormous amount of sound. The loudest gig I have been to for sure. I think the acoustics were pretty bad and for the first time I wished I had ear plugs. They were pretty awesome nonetheless.

3. How many concerts have you been to?

No idea, maybe 70 or 80?

1710 Ash


4. Which artist have you seen the most live?

Ash – they are my favourite band in the word 🙂 (because they are awesome)


5. What’s the furthest you’ve ever travelled for a concert?

1710 WASI am patient, so I tend to just wait until a gig is nearish to me. The furthest from my current home that I have been to see a band was We Are Scientists in Portsmouth, but we decided to go and see them as we happened to be nearby at the time.


6. Best opening act you’ve seen?

Difficult! I remember seeing Cast opening for Pulp in the 90s and I much preferred Cast 😀

7. Have you met any bands/artists at concerts?

I met Ash, but they are a very sociable band anyway. It’s not like you have to make an effort to say hi to them! Very nice guys. And I bought some merch from Keith from We Are Scientists when he was working the merch stall. Met some of the support bands as well, all lovely social people (for the most part). I do like the opportunity to say ‘thanks for a great gig’ and maybe get an album signed. Only really happens at small gigs. I would never wait outside for hours on end.

8. Have you met internet friends at concerts?


9. Have you ever caught a guitar pick/drumstick or setlist?

I have a couple of guitar pics. One is Tim Wheeler’s from Ash. He’s my favourite guitarist by a mile, so that’s kinda cool. He signed it for me. I have another one, but I can’t quite remember whose it is, but it was from way back in the 90s. It could be Paul Draper’s from Mansun, but I am not 100% sure. I’m forgetful like that.

10. Best concert you’ve been to and why?

Lots of great gigs. It’s hard to compare. Thinking about this year only Alvvays were amazing, so good! But I also loved seeing Emmy The Great at a tiny sit-down venue. I think the capacity was 70 or something ridiculous. It was so relaxed and fun. She signed my album. 🙂 I like gigs that are a little out of the ordinary.


If you enjoy going to see live music, consider yourself tagged!

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