Are there words that bother you?

I love words and there are so many individual words in the English language, that word choice is pretty fascinating.

I finished reading The Ghostwriter by Alessandra Torre yesterday. I really enjoyed the book and I would recommend it to anyone, but it prompted me to do this post.

The book is really well written and I enjoyed the language, which was simple and effective, but there was a single word that made me shudder. Torre used the word ‘butt’ at various points to mean the buttocks, the behind, the derriere. Such a little thing, but it is a word that annoys me. Sure, it is a very American and the book is set in America, so it should not bother me, but it did. If it would have been used in context of someone talking and mentioning a ‘butt’, I would have been fine with it, but in a otherwise well written, sensitive novel it simply felt out of place in the stream of words. It jarred and it annoyed me enough to pull me momentarily out of the narrative, and it should not have done that. Am I silly and nitpicky?

I know lots of people have words they dislike. Moist is a big one. I used to work with a girl who grimaced everytime the word moist was used. That was regularly, as we worked in the dermatology department in a hospital. 🙂

Do you remember reading a book in which the word choice bugged you? Or maybe you have examples of friend or family members that use words that irk you? Or maybe there is simply a word that you feel should be struck from the dictionary?

Let me know!


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