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Book Thoughts: If The Fates Allow (various)

Various - If The Fates Allow


Title: If The Fates Allow
Author: Pene Henson, Erin Finnegan, Lynn Charles, Killian B Brewer, Lilah Suzanne
Editor: Annie Harper
Genre: Fiction (short stories) / Christmas
First published: 1 December 2017 by Interlude Press
Edition: ARC e-book, courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher

This is a collection of five LGBTQ+ short stories based around the Christmas season. I felt I could do with a bit of diversity in my reading and I actually really enjoyed this collection. They are feel-good stories perfect for this time of year.

I decided against reviewing each individual story, as I feel as a collection they are stronger than alone. All these stories are about new starts and falling in love and all are so romantic! Halfway Home was my favourite of the stories, but all were well written, heartwarming and smile-inducing. The accumulated collection of this hope and love is what makes this such a strong bunch of short stories.

If you like Christmas and love, this is the short story collection for you!

5 out 7 stars

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