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Book Thoughts: Mistress of the Vampire (Elena Darkmoon)

Darkmoon, Elena - Mistress of the Vampire


Title: Mistress of the Vampire
Author:  Elena Darkmoon
Genre: New Adult/Urban Fantasy    Pages: 259
First published: 2017
Edition: E-book, kindly provided by author

There are things I liked about Mistress of the Vampire and things I disliked. First of all,  I quickly gathered that this was not my cup of tea. However, it was an easy read and at no point did I feel like I did not want to read it.

The main character, Lenna, was likeable enough and her story arch and the plot actually Ok. Lenna falls head over heels in love/ lust with a gorgeous man, who turns out to be a vampire (I do not consider this a spoiler, as it is in the title). As events unfold and Lenna discovers the truth about herself, their connection is put to the test. I did not always understand Lenna’s reactions to events, but overall I liked her. Magnus was an intriguing character for sure.

Now, let’s get that old cliche out of the way: There was a lot of telling rather than showing in this book, which especially bothered me in the beginning when I was still trying to adjust to the writing style. The story is a present tense first person POV, which I tend to struggle with anyway and took me a little while to get used to.

I had some issues with the structure of this novel. In the beginning it seemed to move pretty fast, a bit too fast even. Then suddenly, quite a long way into the novel, flashbacks start to appear from a different character’s point of view. In principle, there was nothing wrong with the flashbacks. In fact, I quite enjoyed them and they added a layer to the story that made it more intriguing. I loved that the flashbacks were written in the second-person, which made the narrative much richer. However, the timing of the flashbacks did not make much sense to me.

Just a quick word on the sex scenes; I am not shy of an explicit sex scene when it is done well, but unfortunately they are seldomly done well in my humble opinion. And unfortunately, I did not find the sex scenes in this book that appealing. I felt they set a tone that the book could have done without, especially as most of them took place early on..

I quite liked how the novel ended and overall, I felt the story had a lot of potential. If you are massively into sexy vampire stories, you may enjoy this one. It simply was not for me.

3 out of 7 stars



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