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My three oldest unread books

So, I was browsing my book shelves and came across these three books that I have owned for close to twenty years that I still have not read. Last year I made a conscious effort to read some of my longest TBR books, but these are the three I am yet to read. My aim is to read all three of these in the next three months.

1802 oldest unread

Orange Horse (Maeve Kelly)

Kelly, Maeve - Orange HorsesThe hopes, passions and despairs of women struggling with the constraints and dilemmas of everyday life are captured with Maeve Kelly’s characteristic powers of empathy and insight in this remarkable collection of short stories.

I don’t read enough short story collections and clearly I have been leaving this on my shelves in favour of other books. However, this sounds like it could be really good, so no way am I getting rid of it without reading it.

Roth (Glyn Hughes)

Hughes, Glyn - RothLeonard Roth, a flamboyant and feted painter of expressionist landscapes, has reached possibly the last day of his life. His wife, who sacrificed her career as a painter to his, has left him and the vultures of the art market are gathering. On a cocktail of drugs and alcohol Roth confronts his present and destructive past, a journey which leads deep into the artistic mond and to the heart of creativity.

This book has a single review on Goodreads, which makes me really want to read it. It sounds quite interesting to me and it’s not a big book, so I want to pick this up in the next couple of months.

The Origin (Irving Stone)

Stone, Irving - The OriginHe did not mean to rock the world. He meant only to know the truth. But before he was done, Charles Darwin would shake the faith of centuries… would be reviled as a fiend, deounced as a madman – and finally hailed as a genius.

This is a fictional account of Darwin’s life. The size of the book has always put me off (over 700 pages), but the subject does ound really interesting to me. I can’t part with this book without reading it, so I will do my best to do so in next three months.


What are the three oldest unread novels on your shelves? I would love to see them! Will you join me in reading your three oldest physical TBR books in the next three months?

One thought on “My three oldest unread books

  1. That is a crazy long time to have books and not have read them yet! I’m excited for you to read them and cross em off the list!! šŸ™‚ I’ve not heard of any of them before! I don’t buy books that much, if at all, so I don’t have too many I haven’t read. BUT I did have a friend buy me 6 books at a used book sale last year in May. I’ve only read 2 of the 6. So I do need to get crackin’ on that! Maybe I’ll take your advice and goal and try to read a couple before May!

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