Popular books I did not love…

Annemieke did a post on her 5* TBR predictions and one of them is a very popular book I did not love, which I thought was a perfect excuse to finally do this post. I have been wanting to for a while as there are a few popular books I just did not get on with, or did not get on with as well as I thought I would.

Get ready to gasp in horror!

The Name of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss)

Rothfuss, Patrick - The Name of the WindThe big one. Yep, I know! Going into this book I fully expected to love it. It had a great title, I love fantasy, of the light and epic variety, and everybody else seemed to love it. I figured it was a dead cert I would love it too…. But I did not.  I found the protagonist way too annoying.  I did not hate this book, it just did not live up to my expectations and certainly did not captivate me enough to continue reading the series. I keep thinking I must have been reading a different book.  😉

This was pre-blog, but I rated it 3* on Goodreads – I kind of liked it, but definitely did not love it.

The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)

Coelho, Paulo - The AlchemistAgain, I did not hate this book, but I simply did not get what was so special about it. I mean, people called this book life changing and it really wasn’t. It was just sort of a nice story about a boy following omens to find his destiny. There was probably something I missed…

I rated it 3 out of 7 stars on my blog (2 stars on Goodreads)

Jane Eyre (Charlotte Brontë)

Bronte, Charlotte - Jane EyreWhen I started Jane Eyre I loved it at first. She was such a strong female character and I was really thinking this was going to be one of those amazing reads. Unfortunately,  Jane falls in love with Mr Rochester and gone are all the qualities I admired about Jane. It was still a good read, but not the amazing read I wanted it to be.

4 out of 7 stars on my blog (3 stars on Goodreads)

Galbraith, Robert - Cormoran Strike 1 The Cuckoo's CallingThe Cuckoo’s Calling (Robert Galbraith)

Of course everyone knows this was written by J K Rowling, and as such I did have half decent expectations. And it was half decent, but not better than that. It was a pretty average crime/mystery book. My friend I buddy read it with loved it.

4 out of 7 stars on my blog (3 stars on Goodreads)


Now I did not hate any of these books. I simply did not love them as much as other people seem to! And of course, if you loved these books (or the opposite) I would love to read about it in the comments.

What are popular books you did not love? Maybe Pride and Prejudice was not for you, Or A Game of Thrones was A Game of Yawn. Let me know!



5 thoughts on “Popular books I did not love…

  1. hehe I honestly do not blame you for your feelings about Name of the Wind- though I loved the first one, by the time I got into the second one I ended up *hating* Kvothe :/ I’ve heard that a lot about Cuckoo’s Calling- I haven’t had the desire to read it tbh. Awesome post!

  2. Glad I could motivate this post. 😉 I have that with The Martian and Red Rising. I didn’t nessecarily hate them but they certainly were not for me. People are always so surprised haha.

  3. Nice article. For me, Splintered by A.G. Howard was a bit dissapointing, I really love Alice in Wonderland, so I was quite excited to read this retelling, but it was quite boring in my opinion. 😦

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