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Music Monday: ‘Buzzkill’ by Ash


Music Monday is a wonderful meme created by Drew The Tattooed Book Geek. Music is very important to me, so it’s a pleasure to share some of the tunes I like.

Let me present Ash. Northern Irish trio Ash have been around since my teens. They are pretty much my age and I feel I sort of grew up with them. They are one of those bands that are not really that well known these days (or outside of the UK), but they can’t do no wrong in my eyes. Plus they are a superb live band!

They announced their new tune ‘Buzzkill’ last week and it was insta-love for me. So punky, dumb and ridiculous, with too many unnecessary f-bombs to count, but oh so catchy like all good Ash songs are. I love it! Fun fact: the backing vocals are done by The Undertones.

Cannot wait for the release of new album Islands in May.

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