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Currently Reading… Update #26

The first week of March has been particularly slow in regards to getting books read.  I don’t mind though, as it was a busy time with lots of stuff to do and people to see. Things are settling down now and I want to be reading!

Marr, Johnny - Set The Boy Free

I am still listening to Johnny Marr’s autobiography Set The Boy Free. I am just over halfway now. I listen in chunks when I can, but I have been listening to music a lot as well, so it’s a toss up sometimes to hear someone talk about music or actually listen to the stuff. The latter has been winning out quite a bit, despite the fact I am enjoying the listen.


I am reading two books at the moment. One physical, one on my Kindle.

Cooper, Simon - The Otter's TaleI am about 30 physical pages into The Otters’ Tale by Simon Cooper, which I thought was a non-fiction book, but it’s not quite. After looking it up, this is the imagined life of an actual otter the author came to know. That’s fine, I like books written from an animal’s point of view. Unfortunately, whilst looking up the book at Goodreads, I read a massive spoiler in one of the reviews – not happy about that, though I do not think it will influence my enjoyment of reading the book. I just do not understand why people like to mention major plot points in their reviews. Hmmph!


Willson, David A - Looking For Dei

The final book I am reading is Looking For Dei by David A Willson, which I got as an e-Arc via NetGalley. I am about 30% in and it’s ok. It’s enjoyable enough and the pacing seems good. It is a good book to get out of a slow week with.


Hopefully, after just finishing one book in 9 days, my pace should pick up! I have a couple of buddy reads coming up, so I would like to have these books finished in the coming week if I can.


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