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Book Thoughts: Little Beast (Julie Demers)

Demers, Julie - Little Beast


Title: Little Beast
Author: Julie Demers  Translator: Rhonda Mullins
Genre: Fiction
First published:  2015 (in French – original Title: Barbe)
Translation to be published by Coach House Books on 22 May 2018
Edition: E-book, courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley

This does not feel so much as a novel than a stream of consciousness and a rather odd one at that. Initially it baffled and fascinated me in equal measure.

To describe this Canadian novel, translated from French, is really hard. It is only short, the paperback counting only 148 pages, but it is pretty intense. Throughout you are caught in the narrator’s thought process, which is disjointed and unreliable. You wonder whether she is crazy or whether the world around her really is as mad as it seems through her eyes.

Whether it is the original writing or the translation I am not sure, but it did not quite work for me personally. I like quirky, but this one was just a step too far and although I never considered not finishing it, I found I did get a bit fed up with the bizarre narrative.

Unfortunately, this book was not for me.

2 out of 7 stars

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