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Book Thoughts: Lift (L.M. Ransom)

Ransom, L M - Lift


Title: Lift (The Flying Ponies #1)
Author: L.M. Ransom
Genre: Fiction / Middle Grade/YA / Fantasy
First published: April 2018 by Wicked Whale Publishing
Edition: E-book, courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley

A fantastical tale about magical carousel ponies coming to life? Yes, please! Such were my thoughts when I started to read this novel, which sits somewhere between middle grade and YA.

I think generally it is easy to identify with Charlotte, our main character, who is a young geeky girl who just longs to be special. Well, don’t we all! There were references to Doctor Who, Star Wars, Sherlock, etc, which did make her very relatable for . Was there a bit too much pointing out how geeky her tastes were? In my opinion, yes, a little, but I can get over that quite easily.

I did like the fact that Charlotte has lots of siblings that she shares some of her experiences with. They do not always get along, but they do rely on each other and I loved that dynamic (even if I sometimes got confused which brother was which!). The relationships between the youngsters and their uncle Baron sat more trickily with me. It just felt like an all too familar trope.

Also, the (little bit of) romance in this novel is on one hand quite cute, but when I think too much about it, a little creepy as well. This is also a trope that I have read a few times before and I have learned not to overthink it. Sometimes you should just enjoy a book for being a book.

I enjoyed meeting some of the ponies and I liked the idea of the magic system, though I have not quite figured out how it all worked yet. Sometimes it was a bit vague on that part. I feel there is much of this tale still to be told and I think I would happily continue this series when it becomes available.

For me this sits somewhere between 4½ and 5 stars, but I prefer to round up.

5 out of 7 stars




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