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Book Thoughts: How Not To Be A Boy (Robert Webb)

Webb, Robert - How Not To Be A Boy


Title: How Not To Be A Boy
Author:  Robert Webb
Genre/Narrator: Non-Fiction / Autobiography
First published: 2017
Edition: Audio book by Audible Studios

For some reason it took me a long time to listen to this audio book. I thought I would love it, but in the end it was fine, but it was too easy to put aside. Despite that fact, I never thought of not finishing it.

I know Robert Webb mainly as half of comedy duo Mitchell and Webb. I had heard so many good things about this book, I decided I wanted to listen to it. Robert Webb’s story of growing up not being your stereotypical boy is pretty every day. I think many boys/men will identify with the story of his life, which is pretty ordinary but in its ordinariness (word?) manages to be extraordinary. I just never felt I could quite connect to Robert even while I was listening to him, which is a great shame. I am not a big fan of his narration style and I have a feeling I would have read the book a lot quicker if I had just picked up the paperback.

However, I think the message he is trying to get across is very valid and current. Gender roles are a big topic at the moment and this book touches on that subject in a very natural efficient way as something that Robert himself struggled with.

Although I did not love this book, I feel it was worth reading.

4 out of 7 stars

2 thoughts on “Book Thoughts: How Not To Be A Boy (Robert Webb)

  1. This one has been on my booklist for awhile. I saw a couple of the interviews he did promoting it, and connected with the stories he referenced. I’m glad you still felt it was worthwhile even though you didn’t really connect with it. It sort of makes me think even if I don’t love it, then it will still be fairly good.

    1. It was pretty good. I think I would have preferred to read a copy rather than listen to it, just because of Webb’s narration style.

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