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Book Thoughts: Windsworn (Derek Alan Siddoway)

Siddoway, Derek Alan - Windsworn


Title: Windsworn (Gryphon Riders Trilogy #1)
Author:  Derek Alan Siddoway
Genre: Fiction / YA / Fantasy
First published: 2017
Edition: e-book, courtesy of the author

This YA fantasy took me on quite some ride! It took me a couple of chapters, but once I was hooked, I was hooked!

In the beginning I was worried that this would be like any other ‘chosen one’ YA book, and maybe in some ways it was, but it was so full adventure and colour that I sped through the pages. I loved Eva’s character, who was both scared and brave. Her emotions and actions were believable. The love interest was not overdone and did not rule the story, which is something I appreciate. I loved the gryphons and I am hoping we will find out more about these creatures in subsequent books. I loved the climax and for a change I had not guessed who the baddy was, which is always a bonus!

Overall, I was really impressed with the writing. There were a few bits where I was like ‘hold on, what?’ and I had to retrace a moment because it felt a bit rushed, but overall I think this was a really good read and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoys YA fantasy.

6 out of 7 stars

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