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Help me finish my July TBR…

Happy Saturday peeps!

Yes, I am doing  a TBR for July. I have not really done a monthly TBR for a while I think, as I have been trying to mood read. However, I feel like setting myself a TBR for July, for a change.

So, I have one NetGalley ARC that has a publication date of mid July, which is The King’s Witch by Tracy Borman. I might read another one if I feel like it, but there is no actual need.

I would also like to read one of the paperbacks authors have sent to me. I think I will read Little Maryam (Hamid Baig), which I have been meaning to read for a few months.


My current re-read of Lord of Chaos (Robert Jordan) will run into July, as I am on page 50 of 1000+!

For the rest of my reads I decided to go back to my book-buying log from last July and pick some books from that. Actually, last year July I bought loads of book, so I have quite a few to choose from.

Page one:

July17 Book Log

Page 2

July17 Book Log2

The highlighted book I have already read, so I have read six out of 28 books or just over 20%. Could be worse, could be better. But as you can tell that leaves me plenty to choose  from for this July!

I am definitely reading Bloodfire Quest (Terry Brooks), as I re-read the first book in that series only a couple of months ago. I want to read at least one book in Dutch and I am thinking I may read De Boekhandelaar van Kaboel/The Bookseller of Kabul (Asne Seierstad). I don’t read enough non-fiction!

I would like to read one more, but not sure which… So if you have read any of these and  or are just curious about any of the books on that list, let me know!

Looking on my Kindle I have plenty of books there as well. I tend to buy them when they’re on £0.99 offers, cause I am cheap like that. I have quite a variety, but I think I will be reading some Kindle books while I am on holiday for the last couple of weeks of July.

So these ones are the oldest ones I have. Which do you think I should read?

Oldest e-books

I think When Dimple Met Rishi sounds like it would be a good one for a summer read. Which other one do you think I should read?

So my tentative TBR is:
Lord of Chaos (Robert Jordan)
The King’s Witch (Tracy Borman)
Little Maryam (Hamid Baig)
Bloodfire Quest (Terry Brooks)
When Dimple Met Rishi (Sandhya Menon)

So please help me choose me one more physical book from my log and a e-book from my Kindle.

Thanks a million!

2 thoughts on “Help me finish my July TBR…

  1. I love your book buying log! The handwritten able-to-be-crossed-off list is awesome! I wish I had something to that effect for the Overflowing challenge because it makes it easy to see what you’ve had the longest – nice!! The one that jumps out from your list at me is Angelfall. I loved the first book (the remaining two were just okay). 🙂

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I am a sucker for handwriting things – it feel so much more organic to me than typing 🙂 It makes me happy!

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