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Book Thoughts: A Crown of Swords (Robert Jordan)

Jordan, Robert - The Wheel of Times #07 A Crown of Swords


Title: A Crown of Swords (The Wheel of Time #7)
Author: Robert Jordan
Genre: Fiction / Fantasy     Pages: 740
First published: 1996
Edition: Mass Market Paperback, published by Orbit in 2002

So I have come to the halfway point in my epic re-read of The Wheel of Time series.

I remembered this book being extremely slow and not a lot happening in it, but I have to say that this time around I actually enjoyed it more than I expected.

When I have read one of his books I am reminded that Jordan’s world building is second to none. The customs and appearances of people from different places differ quite a bit.  whether it is dress or speech, Jordan manages to bring this across very well. He is a very good storyteller, making you see events unfold before your eyes.

We are introduced to some very interesting characters in this book, such as Cadsuane, and I was glad to see the return of other beloved characters. But this book IS slow and not enough happens in it really binge-read it. It simply not exciting enough to really get you enthralled until right at the end.

Having said that, I did enjoy this re-read more than I expected to and I am looking forward to reading The Path of Daggers in a couple of months time.

4 out of 7 stars



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