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Reading and Life Update: we’ve got ponies!

Hello bookfolk!

This past week has been the slowest reading week I have had in a long time and the main reason for that is because we have been busy vetting and buying our ponies!

We have been casually looking for a suitable pony for a while. We went to look at an Irish Cob (AKA tinker/gypsy vanner) pony last week. I knew she had a foal by her side, but meant to only look at the mare. The foal ended up being so cute and such a great mover, that we decided to buy the pair. The mare is small enough for my six-year-old daughter to not look out of place and just about big enough for me to ride her.

We had them vetted on Thursday. They had some minor health issues, but overall the vet liked them, especially their temperament, we we decided to go for it.

Getting everything sorted for their arrival took a lot of time and nervous anticipation, which kept me from reading (and blogging!).

Image may contain: sky, tree, horse, grass, cloud, outdoor and nature

We picked them up on Saturday evening and we are still getting used to each other. The mare’s name is Freda and my daughter’s named the colt foal Moon. Tomorrow I will try doing a bit of work with them for the first time, as we need to start working towards bonding a bit better. Freda is quiet and pretty passive, but she does not trust me yet. Moon’s curiosity makes him far more likely to come over and enjoy a scratch, but I can tell his mum is still a bit unsure. Time to try all this Join-Up business I keep hearing about. It does not look too complicated, but to be fair things that don’t look complicated often are ridiculously hard.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter, #3)MiseryOn the reading front, I have given up on Wives and Daughters for now, until I am in a calmer mindset, and I am reading Misery by Stephen King. I was reading only 20 to 40 pages a day for a few days, so it has been a bit slow, but today was the first time that I read 100+ pages for a few days. I am getting there! It’s a good book. It’s not scary exactly, but rather unpleasant đŸ™‚ There is a chance I may finish it tomorrow and I think I will read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban next.

If you have any horsey bonding tips, let me know! If you have any new pets or happenings in your life you want to shout about, let me know that too!

I am sure I will be back blogging like my normal self soon. I am just getting used to my new daytime routine!





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