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Book Thoughts: Misery (Stephen King)

King, Stephen - Misery


Title:  Misery
Author: Stephen King
Genre: Fiction / Horror
First published: 1987
Edition: paperback, published by Signet in 1988

This was my first Stephen King novel and it was a pretty good introduction.

There was a lot of suspense and anticipation and I could feel the main character’s emotions as he lived under the she-devil’s wrath. I liked the fact that it was all about a book that the villain wanted to be written. What lengths would you go to for your favourite author to write the book you want? Well, not those lengths I hope!

I felt in places it was a bit longer and drawn out than it needed to be, but overall I really thought this was a pretty well written thriller/horror. The ending was pretty predictable and there were no major plot twists, but I did not mind that too much. Axes and electric knives are scary enough!

Overall, thumbs up for my first Stephen King novel. I am sure I will read more.

5 out of 7 stars


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