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Book Thoughts: Dark Banquet (Bill Schutt)

Schutt, Bill - Dark Banquet


Title: Dark Banquet
Author: Bill Schutt
Genre: Non-Fiction / Natural History  Pages: 293
First published: 2008
Edition: Paperback, published in 2008 by Three Rivers Press

In Dark Banquet, zoologist Bill Schutt takes us on a fascinating voyage into the world of some of nature’s strangest creatures – the sanguivores. 

I thought a book about blood-feeding creatures would be the perfect Halloween non-fiction read and it sort of was!

I definitely have an affinity for bats and the fact that this book was partly about vampire bats was a big reason I read it. This is also the animal that Bill Schutt specialises in.  I absolutely loved the chapters about these interesting misunderstood creatures. I also enjoyed learning about blood and its medical history.

The chapters about bed bugs and other creatures were less interesting to me, but overall Bill Schutt has a great writing style and a wonderful sense of humour, which made reading this book kind of fun. Dark Banquet was informative, but not dry (for the most part).

If you like natural history books that are a bit different, you may like this one. I would definitely recommend it.

5 out of 7 stars

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