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November 2018 TBR

I am not going to set myself a massive TBR for November. There are a total of six books on my November TBR.

1811 TBR


I love the idea of making an effort to read more non-fiction over November, so I think I may be participating in Non-Fiction November, which is hosted by Olive on Thebook olive on YouTube.

There are four prompts (past times/pasttimes, shelf/self, wander/wonder and micro/macro), but I won’t really follow them much. I want to set myself three books for Non-Fiction November. As I normally average about one non-fiction book per month, three will make a perfect amount for me.

So let’s start with the non-fiction books I would like to read in November:

1811 TBR NF

Seabiscuit (Laura Hildenbrand) –  This book is both about a period in American history and about a sport, so it kind of fits one of the prompts (past times or pasttimes). This will be a re-read for me. It has been about ten years since I read it and I remember loving it.

The Horse Boy (Rupert Isaacson) – This book has been on my shelves way too long and since we recently got our own ponies, I kind of want to read it now. This book is about a father who notices his autistic son improves around horses and takes him to Mongolia to help heal him. Because it has been on my shelves so long it sort of fits the Shelf prompt!

Foxes Unearthed (Lucy Jones) – I have been meaning to read this book for aaaaaages! I love foxes and when I lived in London I saw them all the time. I even photographed them in my local park for a while. So I am very interested in this book! Maybe this could fit the Wonder/Wander prompt, as foxes do wander all around and I am full of wonder for them! 😉 Does that count?!


1811 TBR FictionI also have three books on my fiction TBR.

A Thousand Doors (edited by J T Ellison) – This is a NetGalley ARC. In the blurp for it it says: Through the unique voices of New York Times bestsellers and rising stars in women’s fiction, A THOUSAND DOORS examines how our smallest decisions can create lasting effects, and allows the thought—can we actually change our lives?

The Path of Daggers (Robert Jordan) – book 8 in my epic Wheel of Time re-read.

Quartet in Autumn (Barbara Pym) – since I bought four of her books last month, I thought I would better read one of Barbara Pym’s books. This one has a very suitable title for this time of year.


There are some books I might read, particularly some series sequels, but I want to wait and see what I am in the mood for. Having a small TBR this month is kind of nice 🙂



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