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Book Thoughts: Seabiscuit (Laura Hillenbrand)

Hillenbrand, Laura - Seabiscuit


Title: Seabiscuit
Author: Laura Hillenbrand
Genre: Non-Fiction / Biography / Horse Racing
First published: 2001
Edition: Hardback, published in 2001 by Random House

I adore this book. The writing, the story, the emotions, it’s just perfect.

Hillenbrand tells the story of a washed up racehorse and the people that transformed him into a champion so eloquently and with so much heart that you cannot but root for the horse. However, this is not just a story about a race horse, it’s a story about America in the 1930s and racetrack culture at the time. I found it endlessly fascinating.

The people surrounding Seabiscuit are who make his story so extraordinary. The enthusiastic owner, the washed up jockey and the taciturn trainer. It just makes for a fantastic story. Fiction in this case could not be better than truth.

This was my second time reading this book, having first read it shortly after it came out, and I think I loved it even more this time. The epilogue had me in absolute tears. So many feels.

If you enjoy reading about sports or horses, I would highly recommend it, as this is definitely one of my all-time favourites.

7 out of 7 stars

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