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Book Thoughts: Christmas at Conwenna Cove (Darcie Boleyn)

Boleyn, Darcie - Christmas at Conwenna Cove


Title: Christmas at Conwenna Cove
Author: Darcie Boleyn
Genre: Fiction /  Chick Lit   Pages: 240
First published:  2017
Edition: Kindle e-Book

A heartwarming, romantic and Christmassy novel set in the gorgeous Cornish village of Conwenna Cove.

I am a sucker for a sweet romance story this time of year. It took me a little while to get into the author’s writing style. I felt it was quite corny at first, but after a while I actually really enjoyed it.

This was a sweet story about two people coping with loved ones’ deaths coming together. I thought Grace was a lovely character, though something about Oli did not quite make him come alive on the page for me. I tried to figure out why, but he just did not seem to have a lot of personality. However,  I thought Oli’s children and Grace’s relationship to her parents’ added a nice touch.

This is a lovely gentle romance story with great family relationships. If you are looking for some chick lit to curl up with on a cold windy day, this is a pretty good one.

5 out of 7 stars

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