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Poetry Thoughts: Wild Flowers (Michelle S Smith)

smith, michelle s - wild flowers


Title: Wild Flowers
Author: Michelle S Smith
Genre: Poetry    Pages: 124
First published: 2018
Edition: e-book, provided by author

This collection of Poetry and Prose is an explosion of femininity, empowerment, and personal growth. Michelle celebrates her triumph over mental illness and promotes resilience and self-love in her readers. 

I always forget how much I love poetry and this collection reminded me.

This collection feels very real and raw. It is not flowery or overdone. These are simply poems from the heart, from that emotional place that we all have inside of us. These are poems that will speak to a lot of people, because a lot of us will recognise the feelings the author expresses. I certainly did. As the author writes her way through anguish, memories of love, depression and healing and then finding self love again, I felt those emotions through her words, There is also some LGBTQ+ representation here, which is a bonus.

I can only imagine how cathartic it must have been to commit these thoughts to paper. I like the overarching narrative of this collection and how it ends on  a positive hopeful note.

6 out of 7 stars


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