Book Covers and the Fox

Have you noticed the trend to have these pesky foxes all over the covers of books? I have read several in the last couple of years, I have some still on the shelf and I have one on the go now!

Luckily I love foxes and seeing them on a cover only makes me want to read the book! Just thought it would be fun to look at my foxy covers of read books and ones still on my TBR.


There are plenty of books that actually have foxes as their main subject. I read a few over the years, including non-fiction such as Foxes Unearthed (Lucy Jones), but also animal fiction such as The Fox of Richmond Park (Kate Dreyer) and Hunters’ Moon (Garry Kilworth).

Other books I have read that have a fox on the cover include Happiness (Aminatta Forna), Midwinter (Fiona Melrose). Winter also has one, so I will include it here, though I feel it is cheating a little! Both Midwinter and Happiness do feature foxes throughout the story seen through the eyes of our (human) protagonists. Both brilliant books that you should read by the way!

This post was inspired by a book I am reading right now, which is The Snow Child (Eowyn Ivey). Other TBR books on my shelf that have a fox on the cover are Vixen (Rosie Garland) and Life After Life (Kate Atkinson).

Finally: A Black Fox Running by Brian Carter, which is my newest foxy aquisition, and is also animal fiction centered around a fox.

carter, brian - a black fox running



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