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Used Books Haul

I wanted to buy a few more Agatha Christie books, as I would really like to start reading some of her books again. I used to enjoy them quite a bit.  My charity shop gave me three last year, but has been shooting blanks ever since, so I decided to try online. I checked eBay first, but found them as a whole pretty overpriced. In the end I went on Abe Books and found some there for a decent price. I bought a few other books from that seller as well.

1901 book haul abe

So, the Agatha books:

I browsed the seller’s other books and ended up with two Dick Francis books as well:

I really liked those covers. I haven’t read a Dick Francis in a while and I used to enjoy them.

Finally, I got the second book in the Tawny Man series by Robin Hobb, which is Golden Fool, I already owned the first one in this edition.


The main issue I have with buying books via Abe is that you do not always get the cover you think you’re buying, which was the case with the Agatha books. It’s fine as they are all the same pocket book size, which I like, but are different editions than the pictures suggested. That does annoy me slightly, but not enough to worry about.

Luckily the Dick Francis books and the Golden Fool ARE the editions advertised as I bought them for those specific covers.



4 thoughts on “Used Books Haul

  1. Hurray for Agatha Christie love! Cat Among The Pigeons is one of my personal faves, although Poirot doesn’t actually feature in it a great deal, fyi. I just really like the new characters and the drama of it all was on point.

  2. I love Agatha Christie’s novels, they’re so gripping! I hope you have an awesome time getting back into them✨

  3. I love Agatha Christie! Glad you found some books you like, and thank goodness the covers for the other ones were the same ones you wanted! I need to read the Tawny Man trilogy at some point.

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