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Book Thoughts: Winter’s Heart (Robert Jordan)



Title: Winter’s Heart (The Wheel of Time #9)
Author: Robert Jordan
Genre: Fiction / Fantasy     Pages: 678
First published: 2000
Edition: Mass Market Paperback, published by Orbit in 2001

I went back into Robert Jordan’s world for the ninth book of The Wheel of Time series and I have to say I had fun there.

Yes, it’s one of those dreaded middle books in a gigantic series and drags a little in places, but overall I enjoyed this re-read. It was laid out a little oddly, with focus on certain characters in the first half the book and different ones in the second part. I did not mind that, as I sort of know the storylines anyway, but I can imagine if this is your first read that might be a little grating.

On a positive note, I know Jordan is always slated a bit for his female characters, but actually I thought they were handled much better in this book. They were not as annoying and there are definitely plenty of kick-ass women in it. In fact, most leaders are women and they are boss leaders too, not just wimpering queens. I like that aspect quite a bit. Our main male characters get bossed around by the ladies more than they would like, with varying degrees of success.

Our main protagonist Rand is a bit more human in this book, and I liked the way his storyline was handled. I was also happy to see the introduction of Tuon, who is a really interesting character.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this re-read and though it gets bogged down in details sometimes, the world building remains incredible. I am looking forward to re-reading the next one in a couple of months’ time.

5 out of 7 stars

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