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Haul Review: February 2018

Let’s look at the books I bought in February a year ago and see how many I have read a year on. I will choose one of the unread books to read this month.


Number of books hauled:  12

Pretty reasonable.
New: 0
Used: 9
Author: 3

Books read: 3

Could have done better here.

The books I have read are all the books sent to me by authors. I don’t often get books sent to me that often, but I got three in one month and I am glad to say they all still deserve a place on my shelves.


Books unread: 9


All of the above were bought used, some via Abe Books and others from my local charity shop. Looking at it now, there are definitely a couple of books there I am not that interested in anymore. I will leave them on my shelf for another year and then re-evaluate.


jung-hee, oh - vogelI won’t choose any of the Candace Robb books, as they are part of a series, which I do plan to read in order at some point in the not too distant future.

I have been meaning to read a book in Dutch for a while, and the one I am most interested in is  Vogel by Oh Jung-Hee. The English title is The Bird and it’s translated fiction from a South-Korean writer. It is relatively short at 159 pages and it sounds really interesting and a bit different for me. It’s a cute little hardback too.

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