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January 2019 Reading Wrap-Up


Can’t believe the first month of 2019 has been and gone!

Moodwise it has been a tricky month (January and February always are!). Readingwise it has been much better!

I managed to read 12 books in January. It is not as impressive as it sounds, as the first was leftover from December and several of those were very small, but still! I am very pleased with what I read this month. The quality was definitely up there!

In January I finished 8 physical books and 4 e-books.

These are the books:

(in the order I read them in)

I actualy quite enjoyed reading some smaller books almost as palate cleansers inbetween bigger books. I plan to do more of that in the future.


Arden, Katherine - Winternight Trilogy 3 The Winter of the WitchThis is a pretty tough month to choose just one. I read 7 six-star books and they were all very different.

I think I will go for The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden, as it was such a good conclusion to an excellent trilogy.

However, honorary mention goes to Wild Flowers by Michelle S Smith, which was a really strong poetry collection that made me want to read more poetry in the future. Also Winter, which was a truly delightful anthology.

What was the best (or just favourite) book you read this January?

2 thoughts on “January 2019 Reading Wrap-Up

    1. The Snow Child is definitely worth reading! In the end I did not love it as much as some of the other books I read in January, but it is beautiful! I would recommend it for sure!

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