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Comic Book Thoughts: Adulthood is a Myth (Sarah Anderson)

Andersen, Sarah - Adulthood is a Myth


Title: Adulthood is a Myth
Author: Sarah Andersen
Genre: Graphic Novel /Comic  Pages: 108
First published: 2016
Edition: Paperback, published by Andrews McMeel Publishing in 2016

This collection of comics is so much fun and not to mention familiar!

I am not a classic introvert (anymore), but I do tend to be on that side of the fence. There were just so many of these 1-page comics that I went “Yup”, nodding my head quite furiously. I turned 40 recently and no, I still don’t feel like a ‘proper’ adult. I still behave like an idiot in awkward social situations. The only difference is that I am pretty good blagging it these days. And I have a daughter I have to pretend to be responsible for…

The art style is simple, but supercute!

I think most of us adulting folk will enjoy this, especially if you are on the introvert side. So many of these anecdotes will be familiar to you. It is the kind of comic that you will want to gift to all your friends (if you choose to have any!).

Simply a joy!

6 out of 7 stars

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