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March/April 2019 Reading Wrap-Up

I realised I did not to a wrap-up for March! And I am late for Aprl – things are going well… (not!).

I figured I better combine the two, eventhough March seems an age ago already. Geez, these months fly by!

In March I read quite a bit less than normal with only 7 books and I read 9 in April, which feels a bit more like normal.

So let’s start with March.



And the order I read them in and my ratings:

Thomas, Angie - The Hate U GiveBOOK OF THE MONTH (MARCH 2019)
The Hate U Give is the first fiction book in a long time I gave full marks. I loved it so much. The characters, the family ties, the events that happen in this book simply felt so real and important that I would thoroughly recommend this book to everyone! I have since watched the movie, which is good too, if not quite so amazing as the book.




Matzen, Robert - Dutch GirlBOOK OF THE MONTH (APRIL 2019):
I am going to have to say Dutch Girl. I really liked the blend of biography of an icon we all know and love and a slice of history of an area in WW II. I think it was very well done and it is definitely the most memorable book I read in April.

Again, highly recommended!


Now I wonder what I will read in May…

Have a great reading month!

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