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Book Thoughts: Sweetpea (C J Skuse)

Skuse, C J - Sweetpea


Title: Sweetpea
Author: C J Skuse
Genre: Fiction/Thriller/Crime   Pages: 472
First published: 2017
Edition: Kindle e-book

Rhiannon is your average girl next door, settled with her boyfriend and little dog…but she’s got a killer secret.

Although her childhood was haunted by a famous crime, Rhiannon’s life is normal now that her celebrity has dwindled. By day her job as an editorial assistant is demeaning and unsatisfying. By evening she dutifully listens to her friend’s plans for marriage and babies whilst secretly making a list.

A kill list.

This novel is definitely a bit different. It is darkly funny in some places and really quite messed up in others!

I was not sure what to expect from Sweetpea, but in the end I liked what I got. Our main character is really interesting. We are in her head throughout the novel, which is sort of written as diary entries, but does not really feel like that. I don’t think that plot device makes much difference to the overall story opposed to a simple first person narrative.

Although some of the descriptions and Rhiannon’s actions are really quite vile, it never quite tipped over the edge for me. It was very readable and although I did not root for Rhiannon exactly, I could never quite bring myself to dislike her either. I think her character was pretty well written. The side characters are far more one dimensional, but I supposed that makes sense in the way it was written.

I enjoyed this thriller/crime novel quite a bit. The sarcastic humour really worked for me. It did start to drag a bit about 75% in, but not enough for me to get bored.

If you want a likeable main character, this is not it. If you feel uncomfortable with graphic violence, then this is not the book for you. If you like a good serial killer book, you will probably enjoy this one. If you like your books a bit messed up, this is your bag

I was not the biggest fan of the ending of this book. but I will probably read the follow-up In Bloom at some point.

5 out of 7 stars

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