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Book Thoughts: Albert Einstein (Ned Hartley & Tom Humberstone)

Hartley, Ned - Albert Einstein


Title: Albert Einstein
Author: Ned Hartley  Illustrator: Tom Humberstone
Genre: Graphic Novel / History / Biography   Pages: 128
First published: 2019
Edition: Paperback, published B E S Publishing in 2019

A Graphic History of the Father of Modern Physics

I actually bought this graphic novel for my husband, but I liked the look of it myself and now we have both read and enjoyed it.

I love the idea of using the idea of a biography and turning it into a comic. This one bases the story on the facts and uses fictional conversation to tell the story. It works pretty well here. It is very readable, even for someone not-at-all sciency, like me. This one is not only great for adults, but also for children, who may find a graphic novel a bit more accessible than a proper biography. I learned quite a bit about Einstein that I did not really know before.

The illustrations were very well done as well. The colour tones throughout the book are calm and pleasing to the eye.

I would definitely recommend giving this one a try. It never got too ‘sciency’ and it was very well done. This is part of a series and I may well pick up more. It is a great way to learn about history in a fun, but informative format.

6 out of 7 stars

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