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Lingering Books Project 2019

We all have those books on our shelves that we are not that excited about. We picked them up at some point and we are kind of interested, but realistically we are never going to pick them up, because there are too many other books we are more excited about.

This usually happens to quite a few charity shop buys in my case – they linger on my shelves like old maids never being asked to dance. Well, let’s give them a twirl!

I have decided to pick five of those books that I am really not that excited about and will try and read one of them each month. I have not  picked one for July, as I have a really busy TBR as it is and there are only five days left!

But, let’s have a look at my choices. I specifically looked for books that I would be unlikely to pick up any other time. All but one were charity shop buys. I will either read them or DNF them. If I really like the book it gets a permanent space on my shelf, if not I will get rid of it.

a - Lingering Books

1. The Nest (Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney) – this one has been on my shelf for about three years I think. I remember buying it at an airport when I was going somewhere and never read it. I have seen very mixed reviews. Not that it bothers me that much, but still, I know a lot of people do not like it. Also, it is a mass market paperback with tiny font, which kind of puts me off. It does seem to be full of unlikeable characters, which I kind of am intrigued by.

2. Feed (M T Anderson) – I picked up in the charity shop a couple of years ago because the synopsis sounded kind of interesting. It was at the start of me starting to read a lot again and I was far less picky! Alas, I hate letting books go without giving them a go first, so this seems like the perfect opportunity to put it on my TBR.

3.The Italian Woman (Jean Plaidy) – definitely another one that has been on my shelf for a couple of years. I like historical fiction, but I hardly ever make time for it. This has to do with Catherine de Medici and that time period in France, which piques my interest, but it has not been enough to pick it up.

4. Golden Lion (Wilbur Smith) – another one that I picked up a year or two ago. I am not sure now whether I will like this one. I will give it a go. I think it has to do with pirates or something like that. I know I read some Wilbur Smith books years and years ago and enjoyed them, so why not just try it.

5. A Long Way Down (Nick Hornby) – not sure why I got this, looking at the synopsis now. It was probably 25cents or something. It’s not that big, so I will give it a go. It could be good… maybe…


So, those are my five books that have been lingering on my book shelves. What do you think of my choices? Have you read any of these?

What books have been lingering on your shelves?


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