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WWW Wednesdays: 7 August 2019


WWW Wednesdays is a meme hosted by Sam over at Taking on a World of Words.

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you will read next?


What am I currently reading?

My main read is This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills. I am about halfway and I am enjoying it, but not quite loving it. Not sure what is missing. It reads away easily and hopefully the second half of the book will turn that like to love.

I have also been reading Summer: an Anthology for the Changing Seasons, a collection edited by Melissa Harrison. I read Winter last winter and really enjoyed it. I am enjoying this one as well, though maybe not quite as much so far as Winter. There is still time!

Finally I was on public transport for a while today because of a unplanned visit to the dentist (my tooth broke) and I decided to pick up a book on my Kindle. I have a few  books sent to me by authors that I really ought to make a priority, so I picked one of the oldest of those. I have started reading Treading the Uneven Road by L M Brown, which is a short story collection. It’s a collection of stories all set in the same village in Ireland. Such a shame I did not pick this up until now, as I have read two stories so far and I have liked both.

What did I recently finish reading?

Since last Wednesday I finished Feed by M T Anderson, which is a dystopian YA novel reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange in tone. That one was part of my Lingering Books Project. I also read Lie, the third book in the Foolish Kingdoms series by Natalia Jaster. That was one where the plot was better than the writing. I did like it though. Both were 4*(out of 7) reads for me. It has not been the greatest of reading weeks, but it really has not been bad either. I will put Feed on my husband’s TBR. He would probably like it more than I did.

Kristoff, Jay - The Nevernight Chronicle 2 Godsgrave


What do I think I will read next?

That will probably be Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff. It’s about time I continued the series! I am really looking forward to that one!

One thought on “WWW Wednesdays: 7 August 2019

  1. Yikes to your tooth breaking! Hope you were able to get it fixed on short notice. Treading the Uneven Road sounds interesting, and I love stories set in Ireland. And Godsgrave is next! I can’t wait to read that series (but I have to, because I want to marathon them back-to-back). I love that cover. It’s so pretty. Happy reading!

    Here’s my WWW post.

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