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How about them 2019 Reading Resolutions? Progress report time…

It’s August – 2/3rds of the year gone – So, how about these puppies?

2019 Resolutions:

1. Series: Finish reading the series I have started in 2018 (such as the Grishaverse trilogy, The Raven Cycle, the Nevernight Chronicles, Harry Potter, etc) and not starting new series until I have finished one of the ones I was already reading.

I did finish The Raven Cycle and the Grishaverse trilogy. Yay! I am reading Godsgrave this month and will get Darkdawn as soon as it is out in the edition I want. So I am doing ok with this one.

2. Re-reading childhood favourites: I have The Black Stallion and The Silver Brumby series that I would love to set time aside for throughout the year to re-read.

I have read The Black Stallion, but only the first book. It is something I would still like to continue doing, because it was such a nice experience to read a book I loved so much as a child.

3. Reading nature non-fiction: I have lots of natural world non-fiction books that I would love to read.

I have read some, but not as much as I would like. Progress still needs to be made here.

4. Mood-reading: I will try and keep my TBRs small, so I can mood-read quite a bit as well. That has been working for me quite well lately.

I did this for a few months, but it stopped working for me. I am setting relatively big TBRs at the moment, partly to help me reach my reading goals for this year!

5. Audio-books: I want to try and listen to some more audio books. I think I only listened to three over 2018. I have a few left to listen to and I really should!

You know how many audio books I have listened to this year? None!

6. Read a book by Charles Dickens – I have never read any and I acquired three!


7. Read a book by Thomas Hardy – I tried and failed years ago and would like to try again.

Haha, nope!

8. Read a book by Jane Austen – I have loved all her books and there a couple I have not read yet.

Nope, nope, nope.

9. Read a book by Daphne du Maurier – I keep hearing amazing things!

Of course not! I have three books by her on my shelf (one is a short story collection), but still haven’t reached for them. Shame on me.

10. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I want to try and use this principle when choosing my TBR each (or some) months. This means reading one of my oldest TBR books, a recent purchase, a recommendation and a book with blue on the cover. I kind of like that idea!

I don’t actually remember whether I have used this. I should do, it’s pretty bloody brilliant!

11. Use my TBR bag! I have a bag with all the titles on my shelf in it that I can use to pick a random book, but I never use it – I should!

I think I have used it exactly once. I will try and use it next month.

12. Continue my read-a-year-old-book.  I started doing this in late 2018, where I read a book that I bought that month a year ago. I look at the books I bought that month, review my progress and then choose one to read. It’s fun!

Yep, I have been consistently doing this, so pretty happy with that.

13. Don’t forget my Kindle books! It is so easy to buy Kindle books (especially when they are on sale), but I often kind of forget to read them. I want to try and read at least one a month, preferrably more. I probably have over 100 books on my Kindle…. Oops! Initially I want to try and read the oldest Kindle book I have each month if I can.

I have been reading more of my Kindle books, so I consider this one a success.

14. Read Dutch language books! I have a number of book in Dutch on my shelf. Although I do prefer to read books by English language authors in English, I am happy to read other translated fiction in Dutch, or in fact Dutch books. Last year I did not read any books in Dutch and I need to make an effort to do so.

I still don’t tend to reach for Dutch language books unfortunately. There is one in particular I will try and get to this year though…

15. Relax. These are only ideas – they are not stuff I HAVE to do… Basically I should just read what I feel like, but keep these things in mind.

I am succeeding with this one pretty well. I am not taking my TBRs or reading goals that seriously. They are just a guide of what I would like to do, not what I have to do.


So, let’s adjust those resolutions for the final four months of 2019:

1. Continue finishing some series before starting new ones. I plan to finish The Nevernight and Foolish Kingdom series and will continue Harry Potter at some point.

2. Re-reading old childhood favourites. I will try and make time to read either The Silver Brumby or The Black Stallion Returns.

3. Reading nature non-fiction. I would like to read at least a few more this year.

4. Mood-reading. I plan to set decent-sized TBRs that leave a little room to moodread. My TBRs do tend to be set around my mood at the time I set it anyway.

5. Audio-book. I do have a couple of audio books that I should get to. I will try and get to those before the end of the year. Audio books are not my thing do. When I want to listen to something, I tend to put music on.

6-9. Read two classics before the end of the year. No other specifics here!

10. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I will try and use this in my September TBR.

11. Use my TBR bag! I will pick one book from my TBR bag for my September TBR.

12. Continue my read-a-year-old-book.

13. Don’t forget my Kindle books! Reading one at the moment!

14. Read Dutch language books! I plan on reading Het Diner (The Dinner) by Herman Koch soon. Probably in October or November.

15. Relax. Yeah, I will do my best!









5 thoughts on “How about them 2019 Reading Resolutions? Progress report time…

  1. I hope you enjoyed The Raven Cycle – one of my favorite series. I’ve also been listening to audiobooks more in the past few months, especially if I have a long drive ahead of me (cuts down on the road rage, lol). Good luck with the resolutions, Lola!

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