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Book Thoughts: Seducing Charlotte (Diana Quincy)

Quincy, Charlotte - Seducing Charlotte


Title: Seducing Charlotte
Author: Diana Quincy
Genre: Fiction/Romance   Pages: 250
First published: 2013
Edition: Kindle e-book

Charlotte Livingston has a low opinion of the wildly handsome Marquess of Camryn. He’s an industrialist who thinks nothing of replacing workers with machines, depriving them of an honest living. Camryn is everything a social reformer like Charlotte detests. Besides, her loyalty belongs to another man.

I chose to read this romance novel as I had read one of the author’s regency murder mysteries (Murder in Bloomsbury) before and really enjoyed it. I knew the author was known for her romance novels and on a whim I decided to read one when I came across it.

As far as romance novels go, this one was pretty decent, I do enjoy a good regency period romp! The description of ‘romantic’ acts were a bit over the top sometimes, but overall I did not find them too cringe-worthy, which is usually my big issue with romance novels.

You can tell the author can write a good story and underneath the romance-heavy veneer there was a bit of mystery and an actual plot that was pretty well thought out. The characters, especially the female lead, were well developed. I just wish the romance had been toned down just a little and the mystery element elevated, but that is a matter of personal preference.

Nonetheless, if you like a regency romance read with quite a bit of sexy times, you will probably enjoy this. It is not quite my thing, but it was kind of fun.

4 out of 7 stars

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