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Book Thoughts: The Iliad (Homer)

Homer - The Iliad


Title: The Iliad
Author: Homer   Translator: Richmond Lattimore
Genre: Fiction/Classic/Mythology   Pages: 683 (Paperback Edition)
First published: 750 BC (appr date)
Edition: Audiobook via Audible, narrated by Charlton Griffin

The Iliad retells the events of the war between Greece and the city of Troy, focusing on Achilles’ quarrel with Agamemnon.

This is has been a journey and a half for sure, but I feel like I have achieved something now I have finally listened to The Iliad. This is probably the oldest book I will ever read and considering that, this is a truly epic story.

I am not sure whether I could have read it in its physical form, but as an audio book it was a magnificent listen. The narrator did a great job telling this tale about war and Gods. He struck the right tone.

There is an awful lot of killing people with spears and Gods interfering with the world of man. Objectively, I did not enjoy this as much as I thought I would, but I think that mainly had to do with the repetitive nature of the tale. It’s pretty much all battle all the way. Yet, I found myself pulled in and listening intently at times.

Reading The Iliad was on my bucketlist and I am so happy I have finally done so. I will pick myself up a physical copy when I see a truly beautiful one to celebrate this achievement!

I think this is such an iconic classic work of literature that it’s worth giving your time to. Considering this book is almost 3000 years old just blows my mind. So many of the sentiments really have not changed that much and it gives a great insight into the world at that time.

If you are considering reading The Iliad, just do it. I think listening to it on audio is a great help, though sometimes I wished I had a physical copy to read along as well. I do not think I quite took it all in, but it was definitely worth my time.

Take my rating with a pinch of salt, because it feels ridiculous to put a rating to a book like this.

5 out of 7 stars

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