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Book Thoughts: Knots & Crosses (Ian Rankin)

Rankin, Ian - Knots & Crosses


Title: Knots & Crosses (Inspector Rebus #1)
Author: Ian Rankin
Genre: Fiction/Crime     Pages:  227
First published: 1987
Edition: Paperback, published by Orion in 2005

In Edinburgh two girls have ben abducted and murdered and a third is missing. Detective Sergeant John Rebus, smoking and drinking too much, his own young daughter spirited away south by his disenchanted wife, is one of many policemen hunting the killer. And then the messages begin to arrive: knotted string and matchstick crosses – taunting Rebus with pieces of a puzzle only he can solve. 

This one was a pleasant surprise. I read it during a bit of a reading hiatus, so I only read a few pages a day, but I actually really enjoyed it. I am normally not that keen on detective books, but I liked the tone of this novel.

Rebus is in the police force in Edinburgh and when girls start getting abducted and murdered it turns closer to home than he had ever imagined. I really liked the characterisation in this novel. His character is simply written, but quite complex at the same time. He is haunted by his past, which we find out about slowly.

It was a good read at a time when I am not reading that much. I don’t tend to read this genre much at all, and I think that made me enjoy it more. I picked it up on a whim, but I would read further books in this series. I like the writing style.

5 out of 7 stars

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