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Book Thoughts: The Bee Bible (Sally Coulthard)

Coulthard, Sally - The Bee Bible


Title: The Bee Bible
Author: Sally Coulthard
Genre: Non-Fiction/Natural World/Instruction   Pages: 132
First published: 2019
Edition: Hardcover, published by Anima in 2019

“50 Ways to Keep Bees Buzzing”

I was given this charming hardcover book for Christmas and I could not resist diving into it straight away.

It is full of helpful information about bees and how to help them, laid out in easy to read chapters and complimented by lovely little illustration. I will definitely try and implement some of the advice given in the future management of my garden and property to benefit and encourage bees in my patch of the world.

Although this book is based on the UK situation, equivalents will be able to be found all over the world and many of the advice applies to wherever in the world you are.

All in all, I will treasure this little book and I will definitely refer to it when I change things up in my garden come springtime.

Highly recommended. It also helps that this is simply a charming looking little book.

6 out of 7 stars

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