2019 in (a short) Review

It is finally time to look back on my reading year of 2019. It was definitely a good reading year up to about October when my reading fell of a cliff, hard. However, looking back, I read some amazing books and I am happy with the books I did read.

So, let’s look at some stats!
I read a total of 100 books exactly, which is very respectable indeed! Of those 60 were physical books, 35 were e-books and 5 audio books. 3/4 of the books I read were fiction and I mainly reached for contemporary and fantasy books. A third of the books were part of series.

Most of the books I read (38) were between 300 and 399 pages and 3/4 of the books I read were published between 2010 and 2019. I read 65 books by female authors, which is an interesting stat, as I always tended to read more male authors, probably mainly because I read far more fantasy that I do at the moment.

Highest rated books!
Ratingswise, I had no 1-star books. If I had, I would have DNF’d them. I think I only DNF’d 3 or 4 books and not necessarily because they were bad. I had three 2-star books, six 3-star books, twelve 4-star books, 38 5-star books, 36 6-star books and five 7-star books. Clearly I chose my books well over 2019 and I liked most of the books I read quite a bit, since 79 books were five stars or over. I am very pleased with that!

So I rated 5 books seven stars over 2019! I am so pleased with that! However, one of those was a re-read of my favourite children’s book, so I am not sure it counts!

Those books are:

Overall, I am really pleased with my reading in 2019, though I am a bit bummed that the year ended up on such a low note! My reading is still slow, but I am enjoying it more, so I am hoping it will be picking up. I finished a few series and picked my books carefully, sometimes by TBR, sometimes mood reading. Both worked for me at different times. In the latter part of the year I have started to read more audio books, which helped me.

For 2020:
I hope to finish more series, as well as focus on the physical books I already own. I do not think I will be buying lots of books any time soon, instead concentrating on the books that are already on my shelves and Kindle.

How was your reading year? What are your reading plans for this year? I still need to catch up on all your posts  from the beginning of 2020!

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