Reading Challenges

2020 Reading Goals

I can’t believe I haven’t done this post yet, but then I have hardly been blogging for a few months!

So, let’s set some goals for this year. If I don’t quite reach them, that’s ok, but I like having some goals to strive for!

1. Prioritize my 20 for 2020 TBR – I ‘failed’ this challenge last year, because I did not prioritize my yearly TBR enough. Definitely keeping this in mind with my reading plans this year.

2. Read my owned books. This goes for the books on my shelves as well as my e-books. I have so many, there is no need to buy any new ones. That does not mean I won’t be buying any books, but I will definitely cut back on buying books in 2020.

3. Keep listening to (non-fiction) audio books – I only started listening to audio books in the latter months of 2019, mainly whilst doing chores, and I enjoy it. I have discovered I only listen to them when I am doing other stuff and though I can catch all the words I definitely much prefer consuming non-fiction in this way, especially autobiographies. I will keep that in mind when choosing my next audio books.

4. Plan in series – I think it is a good idea that when I start a series to read the books reasonably close together. So maybe if I read the first book of a series in January, plan to read the next in February, etc.

5. Set a Lingering Books TBR of six book for 2020. – This is to encourage reading books I am not that likely to pick up otherwise.

6. Reading more diverse books. 

7. Read a wider range of genres. 

That’s it – not an incredibly ambitious list, but just one to keep in mind.

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