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Series To Read in 2020!

This is the series part of my 2020 TBR!

Series to complete:

The Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan) – all of these were finished by Brandon Sanderson

Yeah, my re-read of these will finally come to an end! Coincidentally, the Amazon series should start at the end of the year. I am both excited and appehensive!

  • 12: The Gathering Storm – currently reading
  • 13: Towers of Midnight
  • 14: Memory of Light

The Nevernight Chronicle (Jay Kristoff)

  • 3. Darkdawn

Flow series (Clare Littlemore)

  • 3. Drift
  • 4. Quell

Blackthorn & Grim (Juliet Marillier) 

  • 2. Tower of Thorns
  • 3. Den of Wolves

Riders duology (Veronica Rossi)

I did not much like the first book, but I do own the second book and it’s only a duology, so I may as well complete it… (I still adore the cover!)

  • 2. Seeker


I may continue my re-read of the Harry Potter series as well, which would mean I would start with The Order of the Phoenix, but I am not actually putting it on my TBR. I will read it when I feel like it! 🙂


Series I want to start and complete

Hyddenworld series (William Horwood)

William Horwood is one of my favourite authors, but I haven’t read any of his books since I started my blog. I read the first book a few years ago, but for some reason I never continued eventhough I liked it. Time to actually read this one! I am excited!

  • 1. Spring
  • 2. Awakening
  • 3. Harvest
  • 4. Winter

Mistborn trilogy (Brandon Sanderson)

I hope to start this one after I finished The Wheel of Time series.

  • 1. The Final Empire
  • 2. The Well of Ascension
  • 3. The Hero of Ages


Those are 16 books to add to my TBR for 2020. It sounds doable, but we will see 🙂





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